Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Unfrazzle Goes to Washington D.C.

Rajiv Mehta at the Unfrazzle Display 
Unfrazzle Founder & CEO Rajiv Mehta demonstrated Unfrazzle publicly for the first time this week at the mHealth Summit at Gaylord Convention Center near Washington, D.C. (December 3-5, 2012).

The Summit was an amazing event--over 4,000 attendees and 250 exhibitors coming together to collaborate in the use of wireless technology for health related applications. This was by far the largest event of its kind and bodes well for the future of wireless health technology and needless to say events like this one. 

A steady stream of people visited the Unfrazzle display in the EngAGE Pavilion, sponsored by AARP and Aging 2.0 Many of them were caregivers themselves and according to Rajiv, they were "universally positive" about Unfrazzle.  They could see clearly how it can help families, including their own. 

More than a few visitors also mentioned how much they "really love the name," even some who hadn't yet seen the demonstration of what Unfrazzle can do. 

While Rajiv was at the booth during most of the conference, he did manage to meet some companies with interesting products for caregivers or for older people.  Among the most impressive were:

Liz Emery, founder of Liz&Ett pictured on the left
  • Liz&Ett, which makes clothes and accessories "for the stylish patient," based on founder Liz Emery's experience caring for her grandmother and father.
  •, founded by brothers Blake and Matt Henderson, which has a website designed to help people practice physical therapy at home.
  •, led by Ken Dupin, has a high-quality, pre-made mini-home that you can install in your backyard when one of your parents needs to move in but still wants independence.
  •, Barbara Crowley's amazing network for Boomers. (Barbara, by the way is an avid twitter user, who you can follow @snabbo)

Rajiv will be back in the Silicon Valley area by the end of this week working out the last remaining kinks in the Unfrazzle software before releasing it for beta testing. If you haven't already signed up as a beta tester you can do so at the Unfrazzle website.

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