Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beta Testers Wanted!

"Caregivers are constantly faced with never-ending tasks. It is often difficult to keep all the caregivers informed and coordinated. Unfrazzle is a simple smartphone app that can make a difference in the lives of caregivers. It is our attempt to bring some serenity to this chaos." 
--Rajiv Mehta, Unfrazzle Founder & Developer

After months of development, testing and retesting, Unfrazzle is now in beta and we have a need for a few more beta testers.

Unfrazzle is a simple app that works on an iPhone (an Android version will be released a bit later). It is a task management and task sharing tool that is designed to give you peace of mind. 

With Unfrazzle, tasks are not forgotten. Reminders can be set to let you know when something needs to be done. Checkmarks tell you when tasks have been completed. And tasks can be assigned to other people in your Unfrazzle circle of family or friends. 

To help beta testers get started with Unfrazzle, we created a video User Guide that uses a simple caregiving example to show you how to set up Unfrazzle. You can see the User Guide by clicking here

We are looking for a few people who are caring for themselves or their family members. They also need to be willing to talk to us about their experiences with Unfrazzle, letting us know what they liked or did not like.

If you, and other members of you family, would like to participate in the Unfrazzle beta test, please email and tell us the following:

  • What is your caregiving situation? Who do you care for? Family member(s)? Friends?
  • Will others in your circle (family or friends) join you in the Unfrazzle beta?
  • How do you think Unfrazzle will help you? What difference might it make?
Once again, this is for iPhone users only. The Android version of Unfrazzle will come out later.

We are very excited to be at this stage of Unfrazzle's development, and with a little help from our beta testers, we believe will have a very effective app that will really make a difference in the lives of caregivers. 

Won't you help us out? 

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