Thursday, January 17, 2013

The coming digital health revolution:
How the U.S. Women's Cycling Team beat all odds and what this means to you
U.S. Women's cycling team pursuit
No one really expected the U.S. to be much of a factor in the first ever Women's Team Pursuit Cycling event at the Olympics in London this past summer. And when Sarah Hammer, Dotsie Bausch and Lauren Tamayo finished in 3:19.727 for the silver medal eyebrows were raised.

Many fans suspected the worst. And why shouldn't they? 

Lance Armstrong's "confession" during the Oprah Winfrey interview just confirms what we all know too well. All too many of the championship cyclists and super-star athletes who excel in baseball and other sports use illegal, performance-enhancing drugs. 

But the U.S. Women's Team took an entirely different approach during the months of hard training leading up to the Olympics. Instead of dope, they turned to science and digital gadgets.  The secret of their phenomenal success was based on physiological, nutritional and even emotional benchmarks. 

With the aid of a support team of family and sports scientists, the cyclists were able to optimize their training by making adjustments in what they ate, how deeply they slept and even how they dealt with the routine stress of daily life. The goal was to get the best workouts possible during training camp; to build up strength, endurance and mental toughness to a peak just in time for the Olympics. 

The tools, the methodology, and the digital health science behind this represent a breakthrough in health, fitness and personal well-being that can be applied to everyone, not just athletes. 

Luckily, the story from training camp through the Olympics and afterwards was filmed for a revealing, behind the scenes documentary called Personal Gold.  The film makers, Olympic athletes Sky Christopherson, Tamara Christopherson and Adam Laurent have poured their own money and time into the project and it is nearing completion. But they need a little help. 

The world needs to see this film! 

In order to finish Personal Gold and get it into distribution, a fund-raising campaign has been launched on the cloudfunding website IndiegogoFor as little as $15, you can help the filmmakers raise public awareness to a new, exciting way for athletes to achieve peak performance without drugs, and for ordinary people to maximize their own health, mental and physical. 

Plus, you'll get an autographed team photo of the U.S. Women Cycling Team thanking you for your support of the film and drug-free sport. 

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