Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Women caregiver, who is caring for you?

The following is a brief excerpt from an excellent column by Megan K. McCoy in the January 2, 2013, issue of the Huffington Post.

I know several families who are faced with the challenge of caring for their aging parents, and my family is no different. As I've seen my grandparents age, I've attentively watched the impact that it's had on those I love. Caregiving is a labor of love, but carving time out of your busy schedule, between getting the kids to sports practice, succeeding in your own career, and putting dinner on the table can be a daunting task.
Watching your parents, who may have been your role models and had a huge influence on your children's lives, lose their faculties, take increasing dosages of medications, and require constant attention can have an emotional impact that is hard to handle. Decision-making between siblings on such an emotional issue as how they will care for their parents and the delegation of responsibilities can cause strain on otherwise strong sibling relationships -- and to make matters worse, as women in their 40's to 60's grow older, many of them may be hit by the burden of caregiving again. Having cared for elderly parents already, these same women may have the added burden of ultimately caring for their aging husbands.
It stands to reason that among caregivers, some of the biggest complaints are loneliness and isolation. You may be taking care of your parents or spouse, but who is taking care of you? And it is a critical question. 
"Who is taking care of you?" 
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